I really need to get out more.

While working on the bug Roberta came out and we’re standing there chatting and I notice one of the tulip plants is moving. At first I thought maybe wind, but no, none of the other plants were moving. Maybe a cat? Nope, nothing around it. Then I can hear the crunching noise, like someone eating a carrot. Aha! It’s a gopher eating it from below.

So, I sneak up on said tulip plant. Right about the time I get there the plant starts getting pulled down. So I carefully reach over, grab a leaf, and pull it back up. A moment later it starts going down again, so I grab a leaf and pull it back up.  The gopher and I did this seven or eight times before I finally let it have the plant. Besides, Roberta already thinks I’m nuts. Playing tug of war with a gopher only adds fuel to her belief. 🙂