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Roberta and I decided to go out for a quiet time. We went out to Latitudes over by lovers point. We got the usual, Sliders, Calamari, she got a 7 up and Cranberry and I got a Sierra Nevada beer. Our typical get away for some quiet time.

The place was about half full. There was a guy playing live piano music. We sat by the fire and chatted for a while and listened to the music. Then a lady stood up in the middle of a song and went ‘ahahahahahahah’ and promptly hit the floor and started seizing. Needless to say the place erupts with people running in circles. Turns out there was a nurse at the bar, which was good. She helped stabilize her until the PG fire department arrived.

I guess it’s just because we’ve been through so much that we assessed the situation, figured we couldn’t help, and stayed where we were and chatted.  The only thing I ended up doing was going over and moving the bar table out of the way so the paramedics could get through when they arrived. Promptly too. 5 minutes after the call they were there.

So much for a quiet night out. Next up after things quieted down was a couple of ladies decided to dance and make out to the piano music. We decided to deal with our own drama and came home to watch a payperview movie.


I really need to get out more.

While working on the bug Roberta came out and we’re standing there chatting and I notice one of the tulip plants is moving. At first I thought maybe wind, but no, none of the other plants were moving. Maybe a cat? Nope, nothing around it. Then I can hear the crunching noise, like someone eating a carrot. Aha! It’s a gopher eating it from below.

So, I sneak up on said tulip plant. Right about the time I get there the plant starts getting pulled down. So I carefully reach over, grab a leaf, and pull it back up. A moment later it starts going down again, so I grab a leaf and pull it back up.  The gopher and I did this seven or eight times before I finally let it have the plant. Besides, Roberta already thinks I’m nuts. Playing tug of war with a gopher only adds fuel to her belief. 🙂

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