Well, today I did some more work on Wally. This time I

  • removed the speedometer and installed a new light so that all of them work now. 6 lamps total in the speedo.
  • replaced the shift rod bushing to tighten up the shifter and stop the rattle.
  • tightened up the shift nob.
  • adjust the valves
  • clip and reconnect the timing advance vacuum line.
  • cut and replace the backup light wires and ignition wire. They were frayed pretty badly and would sometimes short out.
  • replaced the rear deck lid seal.

I test drove wally up to the parts store and it seems to be running better. There’s been a vacuum leak somewhere that I haven’t been able to find. It’s been driving me nuts! I’m hoping it was a loose end on the vacuum advance hose.  Because, even with starting fluid sprayed all over the place I can’t find the leak.  I’ll know in the next day or so if it was the hose.