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Well, its memorizing time again. Seems I’m finally going to be forced to get my Linux+ certification. Otherwise, according to the government, I won’t be “qualified” to work on the systems I helped design and build. You have to love these silly bureaucratic contractual requirements.

Actually, I’ve been pretty pig-headed about the whole thing. I was supposed to have this done a year ago, but made the point that I already had an AIX cert so why a stupid Linux cert? That only lasted so long. It’s now time to pay the piper as it were.

So, $192 for the voucher to go take the darn test. What a flat waste of money. Anyhow, the test will consist of 100 questions from a pool of roughly 450 total possible questions. I have a PDF with all the possible questions and answers, and a couple of practice exams. So, just to cover my butt, I’ll spend a few hours here and there over the next few days and read through/memorize all of the possible questions. That way when I go take the test I’ll be fairly sure not to waste my time and screw it up. That would be a touch embarrassing.

I’m fairly sure I can pass without memorizing the questions. However, I’m not the kind of person that gets a thrill from knowing all the possible options of a command. If I want to know how to do X with the rpm command that I will only do once or twice in my life, well, I’ll use the bloody man command or rpm –help and look it up. Not memorize it. Sadly however, guess what they ask on the test? Ya, what’s the options for some stupid command you might use twice in your career. And yes, I know, I’m the same idiot that memorized Pi out to a hundred plus digits because I was bored. Doesn’t mean I want to know all the options for every stupid command in Linux.

I did the same read through / memorization thing with the Security+ certification. Just read the questions over a couple of times before going to take the test. Interestingly enough there were 3 questions on the test that weren’t in the practice exams. Go figure. And yes, I’m certain it was only 3. Don’t ask, I’m a nerd and notice things like that. For what it’s worth I got em all right, even the surprise 3. Statistically speaking I should have missed at least one or two just from hitting the wrong button, but I didn’t. Surprised me.


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