Well, I decided to do some work on Wally this weekend. Just some minor stuff. At least that’s how it started out. It always starts as a simple fix, and just goes horribly wrong from there. 🙂

While pulling off the windshield wipers I dropped a bolt down the vented section between the bonnet and the windshield. Unfortunately I could see the bloody bolt, but couldn’t reach it. So, I open the hood and look at the cover for the windshield wiper motor and blower fan. The cover I’ve never been able to get off before. That was before I got serious with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.

So, long story short. I’ll put up drawings and pictures later for the next poor schmuck that has to try this on a 1974 SuperBeetle.

  • Pull Wiper Motor cover.
  • Clean out old rotten leaves and debris. Get bolt.
  • Discover seized blower fan.
  • unplug ‘something’ from under the dash while trying to get enough slack to mess with blower fan.
  • Discover that you can not see under the dash of a superbeetle.
  • Discover 5 hidden screws to remove dash front from dash. (Diagram coming)
  • Discover speedometer is held in via pressure fit rubber gasket
  • Remove speedometer and clean all 17 or so connection on the back of it. Yes. 17 or so connections. (Diagram coming)
  • Discover 1 bad light and 5 good ones. $1.50 a pop from CIP1.
  • Discover the cable that came unplugged was actually reachable, just hidden. (Go figure)
  • Plug cable back in. Clean all connections with sandpaper and put dash back together.
  • Realize blower fan is well beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Shove back in place.
  • Replace cover.
  • Discover bolt is missing. (Grrrrr!!!) Search for 10 minutes before finding again.
  • Put windshield wipers back on.
  • Discover only the driver side wiper now works. Take back apart. Fix. Put back together.
  • Done.

All this because I wanted to remove the wipers to sand and repaint them. That was all.