Believe it or not, I’ve walked in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix. In Scotland I walked in the footsteps of kings, here, I’ve walked in the footsteps of the greatest rock guitarist of all times.

By meeting Dave the Luthier I was introduced to a rock group from the 60’s call Moby Grape.  Dave is meeting with one of the guitarists next month to do some work on his guitar, who’s also a friend, and then he’s playing Don Quixote’s in Felton CA. (I’m hoping to be there for the gig.)

Anyhow. Upon researching the Moby Grape, which I’m listening to as I write this. I ran across a reference to the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, what’s been called a prelude to Woodstock. What? Monterey? Pop fest? Yep, right here in Monterey California at the Monterey Fairgrounds that I drive past every day on the way to work, one of the greatest rock festivals of the decade. Who knew?

So, what’s so big about this festival? Jimi Hendrix. That’s what. Arguably the greatest rock guitarist of all time. He played the Monterey Pop Festival.  Here’s him playing Purple Haze at the concert. Not only that, he was from Seattle, my home town. Then I discovered that Jimi got in a bit of trouble as a young man, surprised?, and ended up with the choice of 2 years behind bars or the military. He chose the military. Now, this is where it gets crazy.  Jimi ended up with the 101st airborne at Ft. Campbell KY. Where I spent 3 years. He got out and formed a band based out of Clarksville, TN. Where my crazy bud Darrin still lives.

It’s amazing how small the world is. Really amazing some times.  Some day I need to go check out his grave site in Renton WA, just because.