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Well, I decided to do some work on Wally this weekend. Just some minor stuff. At least that’s how it started out. It always starts as a simple fix, and just goes horribly wrong from there. 🙂

While pulling off the windshield wipers I dropped a bolt down the vented section between the bonnet and the windshield. Unfortunately I could see the bloody bolt, but couldn’t reach it. So, I open the hood and look at the cover for the windshield wiper motor and blower fan. The cover I’ve never been able to get off before. That was before I got serious with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.

So, long story short. I’ll put up drawings and pictures later for the next poor schmuck that has to try this on a 1974 SuperBeetle.

  • Pull Wiper Motor cover.
  • Clean out old rotten leaves and debris. Get bolt.
  • Discover seized blower fan.
  • unplug ‘something’ from under the dash while trying to get enough slack to mess with blower fan.
  • Discover that you can not see under the dash of a superbeetle.
  • Discover 5 hidden screws to remove dash front from dash. (Diagram coming)
  • Discover speedometer is held in via pressure fit rubber gasket
  • Remove speedometer and clean all 17 or so connection on the back of it. Yes. 17 or so connections. (Diagram coming)
  • Discover 1 bad light and 5 good ones. $1.50 a pop from CIP1.
  • Discover the cable that came unplugged was actually reachable, just hidden. (Go figure)
  • Plug cable back in. Clean all connections with sandpaper and put dash back together.
  • Realize blower fan is well beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Shove back in place.
  • Replace cover.
  • Discover bolt is missing. (Grrrrr!!!) Search for 10 minutes before finding again.
  • Put windshield wipers back on.
  • Discover only the driver side wiper now works. Take back apart. Fix. Put back together.
  • Done.

All this because I wanted to remove the wipers to sand and repaint them. That was all.


Believe it or not, I’ve walked in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix. In Scotland I walked in the footsteps of kings, here, I’ve walked in the footsteps of the greatest rock guitarist of all times.

By meeting Dave the Luthier I was introduced to a rock group from the 60’s call Moby Grape.  Dave is meeting with one of the guitarists next month to do some work on his guitar, who’s also a friend, and then he’s playing Don Quixote’s in Felton CA. (I’m hoping to be there for the gig.)

Anyhow. Upon researching the Moby Grape, which I’m listening to as I write this. I ran across a reference to the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, what’s been called a prelude to Woodstock. What? Monterey? Pop fest? Yep, right here in Monterey California at the Monterey Fairgrounds that I drive past every day on the way to work, one of the greatest rock festivals of the decade. Who knew?

So, what’s so big about this festival? Jimi Hendrix. That’s what. Arguably the greatest rock guitarist of all time. He played the Monterey Pop Festival.  Here’s him playing Purple Haze at the concert. Not only that, he was from Seattle, my home town. Then I discovered that Jimi got in a bit of trouble as a young man, surprised?, and ended up with the choice of 2 years behind bars or the military. He chose the military. Now, this is where it gets crazy.  Jimi ended up with the 101st airborne at Ft. Campbell KY. Where I spent 3 years. He got out and formed a band based out of Clarksville, TN. Where my crazy bud Darrin still lives.

It’s amazing how small the world is. Really amazing some times.  Some day I need to go check out his grave site in Renton WA, just because.

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