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Nora and Molly have been practicing their violin like crazy lately. They’ve been getting ready for their very first concert.

From Family
From Family

They did really good. They had a good time and are looking forward to continuing to learn and enjoy music.

After Molly and Nora played Roberta was feeling pretty rough so she took the instruments, Nora, Meg, and Tyler home. Molly and I stayed for the high school orchestra and Molly’s friend Thuy’s turn with the band.

Well, after the concert was over, a bit after nine, we decided to walk home instead of calling Roberta to pick us up. We had some good father and daughter time. I’m not working nearly as much as I did when they were born, and yet with everything going on I don’t get to spend enough time with them.

Long story short. We’re a block from home when here comes Roberta. “Where the bleep were you guys?!? I kept trying to call you!” Oops. Seems my cell phone was still on vibrate from the concert and I didn’t know she was calling. She got worried and came looking for us. My bad. )-:

Molly and I did make plans to check out the Monterey Symphony. Maybe try to attend some of the Bach Festival this year.

And let’s not forget Megan’s very first concert waaaay back in 2002. She sang in front of her grade school class. A funny folk song about being a little bird and spitting in your eye. The whole place was laughing.

From Family

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