So, in the drama of our lives this week we have:

A cold/plague has run through the household. Knocking everyone on their tails for a couple of days.

Normal Teen drama, who’s dating who, who’s fighting with whom.

Amo’s mother calls the cops and say he’s a runaway. Then tell the cops she thinks we’ve kidnapped him. Yep. True. Cops show up Friday morning while everyone but Leecha and Me are home sick.  Roberta has a long talk with the Pacific Grove officer. Who already knew Amo was here, even knew his grades were improving. He told Roberta that there are some days he hates his job, like today. Because Amo’s crazy mother filed a complaint, social services was going to be getting involved and a case worker assigned. No choice. Even though Amo liked it here, and going home really wasn’t an option, and going to his fathers was out, odds are that once social services spins up he will be forced into a group home. Which is utter bullshit. But, it’s out of our hands. We’re just waiting for the axe to fall. So, because his mother is wacked and won’t take care of him, he’s likely to be forced into the foster system. And we don’t have a choice in the matter.

Welcome to this weeks drama.