How do I get through the day? How do I make it on days when Roberta is in so much pain she can’t function. When we’ve spoken about funerals, wills, and where she want’s her ashes scattered? How do I make it through those days?

I remember the little things that others have done for me. Words, gestures, simple acts.

  • I remember when Lesley Hale sent me a copy of her cd. I listen to it often and remember Scotland.
  • When a friend sends me a t-shirt in the mail because I couldn’t hook up at a conference.
  • When someone who used to attend our music sessions at the Nitten folk club walked up to me on my last night there and gave me a coin with a black coal diamond engraved in it. To remember Newtongrange with. To remember the folks that worked the Lady Vic.
  • When a friend doesn’t ask how long, they just give the keys to their old car and say it’s taking up room in the driveway, drive it.
  • When friends just say, what can we do? No conditions, no questions, just, what can we do? Nothing, but just asking was what I needed.

I remember so many little things that made such a difference in a day, or week, or my life.

That’s how I am making it through this. One day at a time. I listen to Lesley sing about the highlands, I look at the small tokens I’ve been given, and I remember the friendships I’ve made over the years. It lets me stay on my feet and not fall down. I know I’ll be raising the girls alone at some point. But, every day that I’m not I’m thankful for.