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Well, it started with Megan and Amo, then Nora, Molly, Myself, I heard Leecha coughing this morning, and Roberta is still in bed.

Here’s the Yellow Jack Plague flag that would be flown on ships carrying the plague. I think I should print it out and put it on our door.

Yellow Jack Plague Flag

On the up side, it struck and should be gone by the time John gets here from Texas. So, don’t think you’ll get out of beers there buddy. Oh wait. Was it my turn to buy? Either way…


How do I get through the day? How do I make it on days when Roberta is in so much pain she can’t function. When we’ve spoken about funerals, wills, and where she want’s her ashes scattered? How do I make it through those days?

I remember the little things that others have done for me. Words, gestures, simple acts.

  • I remember when Lesley Hale sent me a copy of her cd. I listen to it often and remember Scotland.
  • When a friend sends me a t-shirt in the mail because I couldn’t hook up at a conference.
  • When someone who used to attend our music sessions at the Nitten folk club walked up to me on my last night there and gave me a coin with a black coal diamond engraved in it. To remember Newtongrange with. To remember the folks that worked the Lady Vic.
  • When a friend doesn’t ask how long, they just give the keys to their old car and say it’s taking up room in the driveway, drive it.
  • When friends just say, what can we do? No conditions, no questions, just, what can we do? Nothing, but just asking was what I needed.

I remember so many little things that made such a difference in a day, or week, or my life.

That’s how I am making it through this. One day at a time. I listen to Lesley sing about the highlands, I look at the small tokens I’ve been given, and I remember the friendships I’ve made over the years. It lets me stay on my feet and not fall down. I know I’ll be raising the girls alone at some point. But, every day that I’m not I’m thankful for.

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