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Life. Our life. It’s more like an insanely written Reality TV plot.

On this weeks episode:

  • Parents fight stepford style grade school over insane amount of homework for 5th grade twins. <Insert Nun with Ruler picture here>
  • Parents aren’t allowed to send granola bars with chocolate in school lunch. No candy allowed. WTF?
  • One migrant teen moves in for the night because of fighting with mom and dad needs “alone” time with girlfriend.
  • Other teen moves in longish term because mother is a nut and calls randomly to say “I love you” then calls back to yell and scream at him and tell him he’s a worthless turd. Figures living on our couch is more stable.
  • Other teen moves in longish term to finish high school because her mom is just out on parole. She’s our token Mexican. Every white family needs one. She’s only a token though, never been to Mexico.  <Insert racist joke here>
  • Wife fighting cancer. Smoking pot legally. <Insert Cheech and Chong joke here>
  • Father learning to cook and clean. <Insert disaster here>
  • Teen daughter deciding whether to be goth or not. Failing every class in school. Why? Because.
  • 11 year old daughter starts creating how-to art videos for Youtube.
  • other 11 year old daughter runs the camera and handles computer work.
  • Dog so old she scratches imaginary fleas. Barks randomly to the noises in her head.
  • Mother Driving friends 1955 wagon. <Insert I love Lucy reference here>
  • Father driving 1974 rusty superbeetle. <Insert break down here>

Like I said. Our life is like a bad reality TV plot. There’s enough going on in our lives to make it a second season without breaking a sweat.


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