Again this year the AT&T golf tournament in Pebble beach is happening. This used to be a fun event from what I’ve been told. Now it’s $60 a head to get in per day. Here’s a list of things your NOT allowed to take in with you, including any food, water, or a Camera. Why the hell go if you can’t even take a damn camera? Who’s stupid ass idea was that?!?! Basically after your strip search you get on a bus and in your fricken underwear you’re “allowed” the paid privilege of watching the tournament.

I don’t think so. I hope they bitch about low attendance all the way to bankruptcy.

Prohibited Items

Cell phones, PDAs, distracting devices, cameras, bags, backpacks, food containers, coolers, signs, banners, posters, televisions and radios, outside alcohol, non-service pets, bicycles, ladders, metal spiked golf shoes, weapons and any other item deemed potentially injurious, unlawful or dangerous as determined in the sole discretion of the PGA TOUR, tournament security personnel or law enforcement officials, are prohibited inside the entrance gate of the AT&T during the time period of Thursday through Sunday of Tournament week