I just ran across this article on EurekaAlert.

New Study finds possible source of beta cell destruction that leads to type 1 diabetes.

The following paragraph pretty much sums up the whole article, at least to me.

It is generally understood that inflammation plays a vital role in beta-cell destruction. But the precise factors are not well known. A protein-based enzyme found in beta cells, 12-LO produces specific lipids that cause inflammation and can lead to the death of beta cells in laboratory models. In fact, EVMS researchers have demonstrated that deleting the gene that produces 12-LO prevents the development of Type 1 diabetes in mice.

It’s little (big)  steps like this that will eventually lead to a cure for type 1 Diabetes. No more shots, no more pump, no more sticking my finger over and over again. In my 12 years as a diabetic I’ve stuck my fingers (roughly) 17,500 times.