I’m finding it difficult to keep up the web page, at least with a semi happy tone, with the 800 lb gorilla called Cancer sitting in the room.

When you wake up in the morning thinking about it, and go to bed at night thinking about it, and it’s always in the back of your head during the day. It takes a concerted effort to ignore sometimes.

I don’t want this site to become just one upsetting fact after another on this trip we are on, and it’s definitely a trip this whole family is taking together. I don’t want to put up posts every time the doctor comes back with more bad news. And yet, that’s my first thought. Crap, another tumor, post post post.Which isn’t what I want this web page to be. It’s supposed to be about the whole family and how we’re living our lives. Right now, that’s a little focused on just one thing, but that doesn’t mean a lot of other things aren’t happening.

So, if I’m not posting about the cancer, it’s not because nothing is happening, it’s because I am avoiding it. It’s better to post happy things and ignore the hot pink 800 lb monster in the room.

And yes, this rant is because her cancer spread and she’s now got more tumors. So piss off and have a happy day!

Gorilla flipping the bird