As most who know me know, I’m working with the Navy on a project called NPOESS, or the National Polar orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System. This was supposed to be a fairly long term stable position, which is why I moved over from eHPC to the NPP/NPOESS team. NPP stands for the NPOESS Preliminary Project.

Well, like any good government project it’s been fraught with politics, budget overruns, inefficiencies, etc. In fact the launch of the NPP satellite has been delayed again from January 2011 to November 2011 because the primary sensor released the magical blue smoke during a power up test. The original launch date was 2006, so you can see there’s been some serious delays.

Anyhow. Spaceflight Now has an article discussing NPOESS.

Today the White House is announcing that NOAA and the Air Force would no longer continue to jointly procure the polar-orbiting satellite system called NPOESS,” the Office of Science and Technology Policy’s budget summary stated.

I’m not sure how this is going to effect my contract, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to do something. I suppose the title of the article says it all.

Budget slashes NPOESS weather satellite program

Anyhow, we’ll see how it plays out.I’m betting we’ll continue with the NPP portion of the program at least. Which is what I”m actually working on currently, getting ready for the full project later.

So, for now it’s continue working as normal. No worries, no panic, no So why the post? In case anyone runs across the article and knows what I’ve been working on, they won’t think “Oh Crap!”. Nah, things are what they are.  Having this happen wasn’t a big surprise.

Here’s a pic of the NPP satellite. Not sure if it’s before or after that magical blue smoke appeared. 🙂

NPP Satellite

The NPP spacecraft under construction. Credit: Ball Aerospace