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Well, we started as a family of five.

When Leecha came to us and said “I’m going to have to move to San Jose and find either family to live with or a foster home” we said, finish your last year of high school where you are. We will make room for you, and we did. She’s now sharing a room with Megan. She’s a good kid. Hard life. The idea that the tempered sword is the strongest comes to mind when I think of her.

Then when Ammo called one day and said “My mom is taking my dog to the pound and me to social services” Roberta said, honey, you always wanted a son. His mother (I use the term biologically) dumped him on the street corner and Roberta went and picked him up. So, for now Ammo is sleeping on the couch. Ammo is short for Amadeus.  What a name for a long haired, scrawny, 5 ft tall, boy to carry. Thus Ammo. He showed up with a backpack of school supplies and the clothes on his back. When he asked Roberta if she would wash his clothes after he got his jammies on, because they were the only clothes he had, she got pissed. Decided to go to his house and get some clothes. When they showed up his mothers words were ” What the fuck are you doing back?” Then went down hill from there.

How can someone treat their own child like that? In Pacific Fricken Grove for gods sake? Home town America. How is this possible? I just don’t understand it. What a complete and psychotic bitch.

Needless to say. We now have a boy in the family. Skipped the whole diaper phase and went straight to the teenage rebellion. Uf Da. How could you tell a good kid no, you can’t sleep on the couch, get your sorry ass out and sleep on the street? It’s not in us to do that.

For better or worse, we are now a family of 7. As John Grimes would say. “This is Liberty Hall. Spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard.” You know where the fridge is, you go hungry, it’s your own fault.

Update: Yes, Leecha and Ammo are fully aware of the difficulties this family is facing. They know about Roberta’s cancer and the likely future we are facing. They know, and are willing to face that to stay with us.


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