Once you’ve lived in Alaska it’s hard not to think like an Alaskan.

It seems that the Eco-Freaks in the country are freaking out  (Pun intended). Senator Murkowski has thrown a big ole monkey wrench into the EPA’s power grab of CO2 regulation. And this has the Eco nuts in a frenzy! I love it!

 A big surprise (not!) is that good old Republic of Californian Barbara Boxer is the biggest opponent of Senator Murkowski’s move. She cares for nothing but her own megalomania and screw the normal people in this country.  I cannot stand Boxer! Talk about an Eco freak on a power trip. Uf Da!

The Alaska Republican announced she would seek to keep the EPA from drawing up rules on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, refineries, manufacturers and other large emitters. Murkowski did it by filing a “disapproval resolution,” a rarely used procedural move that prohibits rules written by executive branch agencies from taking effect.

Linked to the Alaska Daily News article.