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So, on my way to work this morning I had a great example of how to spot a tourist. In this case a foreign tourist, (you can tell those by the habit of trying to drive on the wrong side of the road).

Simple signs you are stuck behind a brainless tourist? Said tourist does the following:

  1. Pulls out of a B&B on the wrong side of the road and drives that way until another car comes at it head on.
  2. Pulls onto the correct side of the road and immediately runs a stop sign.
  3. Drives 15 mph in a 25 mph zone and drives 25 in a 15 mph zone
  4. Pulls to the side of the road to reference a map. You know, those paper kind.

Ah tourists, they are so much fun. Why is it that when people go on vacation they leave all common sense behind? If it weren’t for their money they should all STAY HOME!

The Cioppino was a big hit. Turned out great! Kids unanimously agreed that they liked it and wanted me to make it again.

Even I can cook. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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