As those who know, know, I’m learning to cook. Tonight it’s a rainy, chilly, wintery day in Monterey. As such I thought I would have my first try at making Cioppino, or Italian style Fish Stew.  Pronounced Cha-pee-no. It’s a tomato based fish stew/soup and really sounds good on this dark, chilly, night.

Now Lynn and Chuck can’t sell their canned Cioppino sauce at Sea Harvest anymore, thanks for nothing you pricks at the Monterey Health Board and your bureaucratic worthlessness. However, since I happen to know the owners, grin, and they do a holiday special on take out Cioppino sauce, Roberta, the girls and I went over to Sea Harvest and asked Demus to hook us up.

So, Demus grabbed some clams, muscles, scallops, and a fish I didn’t catch the name of. Cleaned it all up, tossed in 3 containers of Cioppino sauce. Told me to bring the Cioppino sauce to a boil, toss in the clams, wait 4-5 minutes, stir occasionally, toss in the rest of the fish items, boil another 15 minutes or so, bring to a simmer and either server over pasta or as a soup.

Now, understand. Lynn and Chuck OWN a seafood market and restaurant. Demus has been RUNNING a Seafood market and restaurant for years and years. I’ve been given the best of ingredients and good advice. If I screw this up I will never, ever hear the end of it. (-:

 Fingers crossed.