Well, we decided to let the girls open one present, and one present ONLY, before dinner. Megan opened a present from Aunt Carol, Molly a present from Aunt Carol, and Nora a present from Grandma Wilson. Well, Megan got socks and an wooden star, Molly socks and  a bear, Nora a Christmas ornament and a wireless weather station, uhhhh, what??

Grandma Wilsons’ kind of losing it? Too much time in the cold? A wireless weather system? Wait a minute! NORA! Read the tag again!

Nora read “To Richard from Grandma Wilson.  But it’s in the same type of wrapping as the one to Molly!” Ahhhhh. Now that makes much more sense. 🙂

Goofy kid! Wait a minute. She opened my present, does that mean I get to open hers?