I am writing this article on a 1999 Blue and White Powermac G3. YES!!! It’s alive!!! hahahahaha <evil laugh>

My buddy Serge gave me an old cast off G3 and I now have it up and running with OSX 10.4 Tiger. Whooo Hooo!

It’s slow as snot in December, but it’s ALIVE!! I feel like Dr Frankenstein.

It’s a PowerMacG3 with the following

  • 400 mhz PowerPC 750 Processor
  • 1 GB Ram (completely maxed out)
  • 16 MB PCI video card
  • and a 500 GB drive dumbed down to 120 GB (cause that’s all the bios will see)
  • Running Mac OS X 10.4.11

UPDATE: It’s now morning and I’ve had a few hours to ponder the mac. I’m thinking a great mod would be to take a new miniATX motherboard and put in the G3 case and then see if I can get Leopard to run on it. Maybe a dual core/quad core intel with a few gigs of ram and a decent video card.  Hmmmm……  wahahahahaha   <more evil laughter>