Want to know what it’s like living in Pacific Grove California? Well, it’s a wonderful small town with very little crime and a cost of living that is off this planet.

In Everett Washington where we used to own a house average home cost is 6.2 times the cost of the average family income. Expensive. Here in Pacific Grove? The average home is 18.3 times the average family income. And the houses are smaller, older, and cost way more to heat than is reasonable. My last months power bill was $429 for one month for a small 3 bedroom house. Water was $210 last month.

So, for perspective reasons think of paying for 3 homes in Everett for every 1 home in Pacific Grove. This is why we rent. I’d love to own a home here, but it isn’t going to happen.

A few other places we have lived:

  • Bothell Washington – 5.3 times
  • Everett Washington – 6.2 times
  • Fairbanks Alaska- 4.3 times
  • Biloxi Mississippi- 3.8 times
  • Butte Montana- 3.2 times
  • Pacific Grove California – 18.3 times

Statistics are from 2007 and found at