Roberta just had another round of Sandostatin. It’s a type of chemo they use to supress the hormones Carcinoid tumors produce. They are hoping it will slow the spread. This won’t stop the pancreas, liver, or lymphoid tumors, but it will hopefully slow any new growths. The doc decided to hit her with a big dose, needless to say she’s on her ass tonight.

Had the IV this morning around 10 or so. Came to lunch with me, we did some Christmas shopping for lunch, and said she felt pretty weird. By the time I got home from work she’s in bed and hasn’t been up since. Said she felt pretty awful.

No nausea. which is good. Hair shouldn’t fall out, which is good. Hopefully slows the spread of the cancer, which is good. Feels like total crap for a few days, the bad.

As if no one knew this, but cancer fucking sucks. The docs won’t be doing another scan until late January. One of Roberta’s cancer friends said that’s so they don’t run the risk of bad news right before Christmas, so they try to push it off to be safe. Maybe that’s so. But, it’s frustrating waiting.