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As the Moderator Henry Jacoby mentions, the name for the lecture isn’t that good. This video is of a lecture/debate given at MIT in regards to the email leaks from CRU, now popularly called Climategate. It’s a long talk by various panel members, about two hours. The first speaker is Dr. Kerry Emanual and is an AGW believer, while the second is Dr. Richard Lindzen who is a skeptic. Even if you don’t have time to watch the whole lecture try to watch the first two speakers and see how different the opinions of two highly respected MIT professors can be on this subject.

Click on the picture below to go to the lecture. WordPress won’t let me link directly without buying “added” features. IE, they run a checker script on the post and remove video links before making the post visible to make sure I don’t link unless I pay them extra.

MIT Lecture on Climategate

MIT Lecture on Climategate

Here is the blurb about the lecture from the website.

About the Lecture

In mid-November, thousands of emails were hacked from servers at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in the U.K. A small fraction of them address controversial issues; how to present climate data in the most favorable light and how to combat climate skeptics, among others. The responses reported in the press have ranged from these emails being a confirmation of climate change deniers’ assertions that global warming is a conspiracy and a hoax, to the whole affair being a tempest in a teapot with no relevance to the reality of global warming and the need to combat it.

This panel of experts gives its views on what ‘Climategate’ really means for climate science, the integrity of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, public perception of climate, and the ongoing policy negotiations in the Congress and at Copenhagen.

Dilbert wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t so true sometimes.

Roberta just had another round of Sandostatin. It’s a type of chemo they use to supress the hormones Carcinoid tumors produce. They are hoping it will slow the spread. This won’t stop the pancreas, liver, or lymphoid tumors, but it will hopefully slow any new growths. The doc decided to hit her with a big dose, needless to say she’s on her ass tonight.

Had the IV this morning around 10 or so. Came to lunch with me, we did some Christmas shopping for lunch, and said she felt pretty weird. By the time I got home from work she’s in bed and hasn’t been up since. Said she felt pretty awful.

No nausea. which is good. Hair shouldn’t fall out, which is good. Hopefully slows the spread of the cancer, which is good. Feels like total crap for a few days, the bad.

As if no one knew this, but cancer fucking sucks. The docs won’t be doing another scan until late January. One of Roberta’s cancer friends said that’s so they don’t run the risk of bad news right before Christmas, so they try to push it off to be safe. Maybe that’s so. But, it’s frustrating waiting.

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