Welcome to my world. Megan, 14. Which may possibly be her final age.

From Family

This morning.

Me: Did you feed the cat and give it it’s medicine?

Her: No.

15 minutes later.

Me: Have you fed the cat yet, we need to get going soon.

Her: I’m doing my hair!

10 Minutes Later

Me: Megan! Have-You-Fed-The-Cat??

Her: No! I’m getting a snack!

5 Minutes later

Me: Megan! Feed the damn cat! We have to go!

Her: Thump, slam! “Whatever!”

Me: If you don’t feed that g@# D!%& M%^&! F^*(ng Cat I’m going to hurt you!

Her: Whatever!

Me: CRASH! (as I clean off her dresser with a swipe of my arm). You wanted that <bleep><bleep> peice of <bleep> cat! You can <bleeping> take care of the worthless little <bleep>. <bleep><bleeping><bleep>! I’m done watching it <bleep> and <bleep> all over my house! Either take care of it or it goes to the <bleeping> pound!  Walk to school you ungrateful little <bleep>!!!

So, how did your day start?