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So, on my way to work this morning I had a great example of how to spot a tourist. In this case a foreign tourist, (you can tell those by the habit of trying to drive on the wrong side of the road).

Simple signs you are stuck behind a brainless tourist? Said tourist does the following:

  1. Pulls out of a B&B on the wrong side of the road and drives that way until another car comes at it head on.
  2. Pulls onto the correct side of the road and immediately runs a stop sign.
  3. Drives 15 mph in a 25 mph zone and drives 25 in a 15 mph zone
  4. Pulls to the side of the road to reference a map. You know, those paper kind.

Ah tourists, they are so much fun. Why is it that when people go on vacation they leave all common sense behind? If it weren’t for their money they should all STAY HOME!

The Cioppino was a big hit. Turned out great! Kids unanimously agreed that they liked it and wanted me to make it again.

Even I can cook. Be afraid, be very afraid.

As those who know, know, I’m learning to cook. Tonight it’s a rainy, chilly, wintery day in Monterey. As such I thought I would have my first try at making Cioppino, or Italian style Fish Stew.  Pronounced Cha-pee-no. It’s a tomato based fish stew/soup and really sounds good on this dark, chilly, night.

Now Lynn and Chuck can’t sell their canned Cioppino sauce at Sea Harvest anymore, thanks for nothing you pricks at the Monterey Health Board and your bureaucratic worthlessness. However, since I happen to know the owners, grin, and they do a holiday special on take out Cioppino sauce, Roberta, the girls and I went over to Sea Harvest and asked Demus to hook us up.

So, Demus grabbed some clams, muscles, scallops, and a fish I didn’t catch the name of. Cleaned it all up, tossed in 3 containers of Cioppino sauce. Told me to bring the Cioppino sauce to a boil, toss in the clams, wait 4-5 minutes, stir occasionally, toss in the rest of the fish items, boil another 15 minutes or so, bring to a simmer and either server over pasta or as a soup.

Now, understand. Lynn and Chuck OWN a seafood market and restaurant. Demus has been RUNNING a Seafood market and restaurant for years and years. I’ve been given the best of ingredients and good advice. If I screw this up I will never, ever hear the end of it. (-:

 Fingers crossed.

Well, we decided to let the girls open one present, and one present ONLY, before dinner. Megan opened a present from Aunt Carol, Molly a present from Aunt Carol, and Nora a present from Grandma Wilson. Well, Megan got socks and an wooden star, Molly socks and  a bear, Nora a Christmas ornament and a wireless weather station, uhhhh, what??

Grandma Wilsons’ kind of losing it? Too much time in the cold? A wireless weather system? Wait a minute! NORA! Read the tag again!

Nora read “To Richard from Grandma Wilson.  But it’s in the same type of wrapping as the one to Molly!” Ahhhhh. Now that makes much more sense. 🙂

Goofy kid! Wait a minute. She opened my present, does that mean I get to open hers?


Well, after getting the Blue and White G3 up and running, slowly, I decided we needed to up the ante a bit. So, since I don’t have a couple of grand laying around to purchase a nice Mac I decided to do the next best thing. Load OSX Leopard on one of our existing machines. Waaahahahaha <evil laugh>.

I’m not a nerd! I’m not I’m not I’m not!

With that out of the way let’s get into the adventure. I’m going to take the girl’s computer which is

  • Abit Fatal1ty FN-IN9 Motherboard with nForce chipset
  • Dual core Intel Conroe CPU at 2.66 ghz
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • nVidia GeForce 9500GT video card with 1GB of memory
  • Spare IDE hard drive 500 MB

Not to bad a system. Pretty quick still and runs windows 7 without a hitch. World of Warcraft with maxed out graphics is no problem for this machine.  Here’s what the poor beastie looks like.

From hackintosh

So, now for the OSX. There are several options here. Since the default Leopard and Snow Leopard will only load on specific Apple hardware just loading it won’t work. However there has been a lot of work in the hacker world to make it work. This is what I’m curious about. How easy is it now to actually load OSX. I decided to download the latest version of iATKOS v7 DVD installer from a torrent and then also iPC DVD installer, again from a torrent. I started with the iATKOS because it finished downloading first.

Caveat. I have an actual copy of Leopard, so, even though I’m technically doing wrong, morally I don’t feel so bad. (-:

So, time to get busy.

I insert the CD and boot the system. After a bunch of text, which I took pictures of for fun but won’t show for now, I get to the following set of screens.

From hackintosh

Comment: So far so good.

From hackintosh

Comment: Sweet.

From hackintosh

Comment: The iATKOS splash screen.

From hackintosh

Comment: At the top of the page you have a bunch of options. I decided to see what the installer thought of my system.

From hackintosh

Comment: System information seems good.

From hackintosh

Comment: Sees the video information okay.

From hackintosh

Comment: Here is the hard disk utility. I just deleted everything off of the old disk and created a single “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” file system.  Now, this is where my first failure stemmed from. It turns out that when you use this utility, at least for me, it doesn’t set the partition to “active”. In other words, even though the partition is built, the file system work, blah blah, it will not boot. You need to use a different tool, I used Hiren’s bootcd tools, to set the partition to active. This was the only file system issue.
Here’s what that failure looked like, out of sequence I know.

From hackintosh

Back to the install sequence.

From hackintosh

Now, we need to have a review at this point. If you notice on the bottom left of the screen there is the option to Customize. Guess what we need to do. (-: Seems I forgot to upload those pictures. I’ll add those pictures later.  Basically the customize lets you add specific drivers for your hardware. I added the nForce SATA/IDE Kernel EXTension, or kext, the nVidia driver, and the nForce ethernet driver. This seems pretty straight forward, but as I’ll explain later, not all is so easy.

From hackintosh

Comment: Checking media, I just skipped this.

From hackintosh

Comment: Installing! Yes!

From hackintosh

Comment: Yippeeeee!!!! It’s installed!

Now to reboot and play. Uhm not so fast. I’ll stop here and post the issues next. Even though it installed it wouldn’t run. Here’s a few lessons learned.

  1. nForce style motherboards won’t work with more than 3 GB of RAM. OSX kernel panics. So, once realizing this I removed one stick of memory and got farther.
  2. 2 CPU’s are not supported without a bios update to my fatal1ty motherboard, insert cussing here. Fix is to add the “cpus=1” option during boot. This lets everything boot.
  3. The first partition must be set to “Active” after creating the partition with the utility or the system will not boot.
  4. support for nForce motherboard ethernet adapters sucks. Give up before you try. I’m about 5 hours of work into it and it still doesn’t work.

Now before you think all is bad. I’ll leave this post with the following picture. A picture of an up and running Hackintosh!

From hackintosh

I am writing this article on a 1999 Blue and White Powermac G3. YES!!! It’s alive!!! hahahahaha <evil laugh>

My buddy Serge gave me an old cast off G3 and I now have it up and running with OSX 10.4 Tiger. Whooo Hooo!

It’s slow as snot in December, but it’s ALIVE!! I feel like Dr Frankenstein.

It’s a PowerMacG3 with the following

  • 400 mhz PowerPC 750 Processor
  • 1 GB Ram (completely maxed out)
  • 16 MB PCI video card
  • and a 500 GB drive dumbed down to 120 GB (cause that’s all the bios will see)
  • Running Mac OS X 10.4.11

UPDATE: It’s now morning and I’ve had a few hours to ponder the mac. I’m thinking a great mod would be to take a new miniATX motherboard and put in the G3 case and then see if I can get Leopard to run on it. Maybe a dual core/quad core intel with a few gigs of ram and a decent video card.  Hmmmm……  wahahahahaha   <more evil laughter>

Want to know what it’s like living in Pacific Grove California? Well, it’s a wonderful small town with very little crime and a cost of living that is off this planet.

In Everett Washington where we used to own a house average home cost is 6.2 times the cost of the average family income. Expensive. Here in Pacific Grove? The average home is 18.3 times the average family income. And the houses are smaller, older, and cost way more to heat than is reasonable. My last months power bill was $429 for one month for a small 3 bedroom house. Water was $210 last month.

So, for perspective reasons think of paying for 3 homes in Everett for every 1 home in Pacific Grove. This is why we rent. I’d love to own a home here, but it isn’t going to happen.

A few other places we have lived:

  • Bothell Washington – 5.3 times
  • Everett Washington – 6.2 times
  • Fairbanks Alaska- 4.3 times
  • Biloxi Mississippi- 3.8 times
  • Butte Montana- 3.2 times
  • Pacific Grove California – 18.3 times

Statistics are from 2007 and found at


Most people just don’t understand the scale of building a supercomputer. Supercomputer? That’s just a big computer right?

In an article over on hpcwire Dave Turek (IBM Deep Computing) made a comment that sticks in my head. When building an exaflop system, 1 quintillion or 1 with 18 zeros, flops, or FLoating point Operations Per Second, think 1+1=2 as a flop. (none built yet, but planning in the near future). Using current designs, the memory system alone, think the RAM in your home computer, would require roughly 80 Megawatts of power. The equivalant of  1.5 Million light bulbs burning at the same time. I guess that would be enough lighting for more than 100,000 homes or so. Just for the memory.

An IBM Power7 MCM (MultiChipModule), think 4 CPU’s, pulls about 800 watts of power per Teraflop of performance, and yes, that’s good, really good compared to say your PC at home. So, 800 watts per Teraflop. 1000 Teraflops per Petaflop, 1000 Petaflops per Exaflop, or roughly 800 Megawatts for the CPU’s. We’re up to 880 Megawatts so far for memory and cpu’s and haven’t even turned on any disk space, cooling, facilities, networking, lights, infrastructure, etc, etc, etc,

So, frankly if your datacenter doesn’t have at least a Gigawatt of power free and clear, well, don’t bother trying for the next generation of supercomputers. Anyone got a spare Nuclear plant laying around?

And let’s not even get into what I’ll be charging to get the thing working. (-;

As the Moderator Henry Jacoby mentions, the name for the lecture isn’t that good. This video is of a lecture/debate given at MIT in regards to the email leaks from CRU, now popularly called Climategate. It’s a long talk by various panel members, about two hours. The first speaker is Dr. Kerry Emanual and is an AGW believer, while the second is Dr. Richard Lindzen who is a skeptic. Even if you don’t have time to watch the whole lecture try to watch the first two speakers and see how different the opinions of two highly respected MIT professors can be on this subject.

Click on the picture below to go to the lecture. WordPress won’t let me link directly without buying “added” features. IE, they run a checker script on the post and remove video links before making the post visible to make sure I don’t link unless I pay them extra.

MIT Lecture on Climategate

MIT Lecture on Climategate

Here is the blurb about the lecture from the website.

About the Lecture

In mid-November, thousands of emails were hacked from servers at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in the U.K. A small fraction of them address controversial issues; how to present climate data in the most favorable light and how to combat climate skeptics, among others. The responses reported in the press have ranged from these emails being a confirmation of climate change deniers’ assertions that global warming is a conspiracy and a hoax, to the whole affair being a tempest in a teapot with no relevance to the reality of global warming and the need to combat it.

This panel of experts gives its views on what ‘Climategate’ really means for climate science, the integrity of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, public perception of climate, and the ongoing policy negotiations in the Congress and at Copenhagen.

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