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Rest in peace my friend. Hard to believe it’s been three years today.

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I have a choice. I can come unwound over watching Roberta’s cancer progress. Or I can try and distract myself. I’ve been watching lectures on Dante, reading about Climategate and laughing at the stupidity of smart people, and I’ve started reading the “U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change”  Here is a link to the 181 page Bureaucratic PDF.  If you have any ideas about the Copenhagen Convention and Treaty then you need to at least peruse this document. I hope it scares the hell out of you.

<start of rant>

It’s a great document on how to cripple the US economy. Punish the rich countries right? We’re all bad and evil because we’ve overcome the worst levels of poverty. Sure we have our homeless, unemployed, sick, etc. But we’re way beyond other parts of the world. This must mean we’ve done it by greedy and bad means. We’ve subjugated third world countries and now must pay for our evil ways.  At least reading between the lines of this document we do.

Think I’m lying? Read the document and make up your own mind. Stop reading this blog and read the pdf straight from the UN website. Using the guise of Global Warming induced CO2 as a means to “spread  the wealth” from the bad rich countries to the poor.

I particularly thought this was funny. (fyi- inter alia is latin for “among other things”)

50. [Nationally appropriate mitigation actions shall not include technologies that have adverse
impacts on the environment, including, inter alia, nuclear power and large-scale hydro-electric power.]

Basically what this says is that we have to come up with environmental friendly power, but aren’t allowed, among other things, to use Nuclear or Hydro. Both of which are some of the cleanest forms of energy possible, but require an industrialized nation to use. So, can’t use 2 of the 3 cleanest energies (I count Geothermal in this) because it’s easier for rich countries to use and hard for poor countries to set up. WTF?

Now don’t get me wrong. I am 100% for working with developing countries to build their energy needs. Darn straight help em build power plants that run clean. Give them the technology to build up their infrastructures. Hello. That only makes sense. But to say we’re not allowed to use hydro as a renewable energy? That’s a political farce. I think Nuclear is a great option, but there is still raging debate over that, so we’ll just include Hydro for now.

The more I read this document and parse through all of the bureaucratic crap the more I either want to scream in frustration or just shake my head at the stupidity of power hungry people.

Oh, and how is this “developement” going to be funded? Why by those CO2 emitting rich countries of course.

61. [Actions including NAMAs by developing countries [should][shall] be supported and enabled [by developed country Parties] [on the basis of [agreed] full [incremental] costs][on the basis of agreed
full incremental cost][on the basis of agreed full cost and agreed full incremental cost] and total cost as appropriate.]

Definition of NAMA: Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action

</end of rant>

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