Today I took Molly, Nora, and Jacob to the Monterey Athletic Center to do some swimming. I usually sit on the bleachers and read or listen to my ipod while they swim. Well, today I did something a tad different.

I sat watching the kids swim and used my ipod to watch a Yale professor give a lection on Dante’s Vita Nuova.  While listening to the lecture on my Ipod I decided to check out the poem myself. So I paused the lecture and grabbed my crackberry to hit wikipedia for the section on Danta and then checked out a translated version of the poem “A New Life”  by A. S Kline.

Now, I could have listened to just the audio of the lecture the but the professor has a strong accent that was difficult to understand with all the other noises at the athletic center. So I watched a video instead so I could catch more visual clues and understand a bit better.

It’s amazing what you can do these days. I’ve watched an MIT professor teach physics, I’ve watched a Cornell professor teach musical theory, and now I’m watching a Yale professor teach about Dante, a 13th Century Poet. All this while sitting at the swimming pool. Watch a lecture, research reference material, and drink a soda. It’s an amazing time we live in.

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