If you have a multi million dollar computer broken, I’m your guy. If the bloody sink springs a leak on Thanksgiving, well, let’s just say it’s not gonna be pretty. Turns out the faucet was so old the nut on the bottom had seized onto the threads. grrrr..

Picture the ending scenes of the Godfather where Al Capone is standing at the top of the stairs yelling “You wanna piece of me?!?! Well say hello to my little friend!”

From Monterey Living

Ironically it turns out, after sawing half way through the top of the faucet, it wouldn’t have helped. During the process I, uhm, kind of removed the upper section, and the way the bloody thing is built it wouldn’t have dropped down like I thought. So, back to laying on my back, saying pleasant words to the angry gods of plumbing, and finally, we ended up with.

From Monterey Living

So, nya nya nya. Now I’m gonna go put some band aids on my knuckles.