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Around here in Pacific Grove there are these semi domesticated deer all over the place. It’s not uncommon for me to see 6-10 of them on the short drive up to the grocery store.  These aren’t the monster deer from Alaska, no, these are tiny things. Not very large at all.

A little over a month ago one of our neighbors let us know that something had killed and partially eaten one of the deer just up the road at the entrance to the walking trail. There are warning signs about cougars down at the lighthouse. But to have  a cougar in town? Even though I know logically that it happened only a couple of years ago, it just seems too surreal to be true.  I’m thinking maybe a sick deer got killed by a dog or something.

Well, it’s happened again. Up the road in Washington park another deer was killed and partially eaten. That’s a whopping 5 blocks away instead of 2. We’ve warned the girls to stick together if they wander over to the bike trail. Just a precaution. But it truly does look like we have another cougar roaming around locally again. 2 deer killed and munched on in just over a month, and both less than 5 blocks from our house.

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