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Roberta, Molly, Nora and I went down to the beach today. While they looked for sea glass I sat on the rocks and listened to the ocean. Well, tried to. It was an overcast afternoon and the tide was fairly high, so the waves were crashing up on the rocks right at my feet.

I discovered something interesting. I was sitting there watching the waves and listening to the surf crash on the rocks and trying to just be relaxed when I realized I had a tune running through my head. Then, instead of just watching the waves I was trying to determine the colors. Was the water in the wave more of a granite color with blue, or more of a slate grey kind of color with a tad of blue. Not really aqua today. it’s also a lot lighter in certain portions of the wave as opposed to the trough. I wonder what the visibility is from under the water. Was the sound of the waves in stereo. What would be the best way to record this sound. It’s more of a white noise that rises and falls with the waves hitting the rocks. Does white noise echo? Would two microphones give you better reproduction than just one?

Blah blah blah. It was physically impossible to clear my mind and just listen and watch. The noise inside my head just doesn’t stop. I have no idea how the monks managed. That whole Zen thing completely escapes me sadly.

I finally gave up and when we got home I decided to reorganized our Keurig Coffee’s into a more meaningful systematic layout. 2 of each tea, at least 2 of each type of coffee that I haven’t tried yet, and the rest of the slots for Hot Cocoa for the girls. Starting with the coffee’s on the top row, flavored coffees and decaf’s on the second and teas and cocoa on the bottom row.

It’s just one of those days.

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