Last night if you typed the phrase ClimateGate into Google this website was #4 on the list. Today, just 12 hours later it’s buried 2 pages back with hundreds of other hits.

I was worried that this would get buried. Not going to happen, Drudge, CNBC (rumor), Rush, etc are all carrying the article now. Hopefully the majors like the BBC, CNN, etc will finally get on the stick and comment. One thing I have known for a long long time and that is most media outlets have a political bent to the way they tell stories. So, it shall be interesting to see what they say.

WSJ: “Hacked Sensitive Documents Lifted from Hadley Climate Center”
Telegraph “Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’?”
Register“Wrecking CRU: hackers cause massive climate data breach”
BBC“Hackers target leading climate research unit”

You can slant things many ways by how it’s phrased. It will be interesting to see how the different media outlets actually do it. Some stress HACKERS!!! Bad!! These are some of the ones that have really been pushing AGW like the BBC. I love how they don’t mention at all the reason for the hack or what was found. Others point more to the fraud and collusion of the scientists. These are more of the smaller skeptical AGW places.

Ah to be a fly on the wall and watch this go down.