would you trust anyone that could spin this?

You start with

Taken together, the sparse evidence of Southern Hemisphere temperatures prior to the period of instrumental records indicates that overall warming has occurred during the last 350 years. The even sparser records longer than 350 years indicate that there may have been periods of regional warmth in the past 1000 years that were as warm, or warmer than, 20th century means.

And turn it into

The additional variability implies mainly cooler temperatures (predominantly in the 12th-14th, 17th and 19th centuries) and only one new reconstruction  suggests slightly warmer conditions (in the 11th century), but well within the uncertainty range indicated in the TAR.

The regional extent of Northern Hemisphere warmth was very likely greater during the 20th century than in any other century during the last 1300 years.

Now that’s how you spin something. I’m impressed. Since the Southern Hemisphere showed warmer periods, don’t mention it.  Only mention the periods of the Northern Hemisphere that were cooler than current, and then say the other times were within the error bars. hmmm…

This is interesting reading. I’m having fun.