It seems that the Hadley Climate Research Unit has been hacked. This is the center that produces one of the temperature series used by the IPCC, Al Gore, etc.

What appears to have happened was someone started to put together a Freedom Of Information packet, which has never been released, and a hacker got their hands on it and released it. The zip file consists of 157 MB of documents, data, code, and emails.

The big question is, is the data reliable? Has it been salted with falsehoods? Not sure that it really matters at this point. Even if it is salted with juicy falsehoods, hopefully an investigation will be made and the verified data will be released.

Why is publicly funded data so secret??? Why are there emails discussing ways of circumventing FOI requests?

There are literally billions if not trillions of dollars in regulations, CO2 reductions, etc, that are based on this data, and yet it’s not available for outside review. “Don’t look at the people behind the curtain”. Well, someone pulled part of the curtain back. It’s going to be really really interesting to see what comes of this.

Oh ya, and ironically Al-Gorious Blowhardius is giving a “talk/sermon” tonight at the Supercomputing conference in Oregon. Wonder if he’ll mention this? Heck, I wonder if CNN will mention this.

I don’t condone hacking, and I don’t condone lying and hiding publicly funded data. I’m torn as to which is more damning.

I’ve been reading through some of the emails. Holy crap. They talk about twisting data so that the Medieval Warm Period shows colder than current, talk about how to circumvent FOI requests, doing synchronized data deletion,  massaging data to get a better hockey stick, etc.

I don’t care what your take on Climate Change is. I just think that things should be as see through as it’s possible to make. If your data won’t stand up to scrutiny then it’s not solid enough to publish. Period. That goes for both sides of the fence. Our climate is more complex than we currently understand, lying and hiding data does not help.