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The flu has found us. At least Roberta and I. So far the kids are doing okay. I feel rotten, but it’s nothing compared to Bert. I guess having cancer and the flu at the same time isn’t recommended. She’s down hard.

I laugh at the media induced hysteria over the swine flu. Remember the Bird flu? SARS? Frankly I don’t give a hoot if it’s some named flu or not. Roberta getting the flu in her current condition sucks. Fingers crossed she gets better quickly. Well, as better as she can right now.

Cancer update: Another 4 pounds lost since last doctors visit. The doc suggested a type of Chemo on the last visit but one of the markers in her blood work was to low. He wanted to wait and see if it came up. I guess it needs to be at a minimum level before they try to kill you with chemo. We’ve been talking about whether to do it or not. Chemo is so chancy on this type of cancer. It’s a real toss up over cost/benefit. (cost being physical not monetary) Anyhow, she just had another set of blood work done and the marker dropped even further. So, it’s a moot debate. No chemo at this time.

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