I’ve just discovered that the project I was working on is now being handed off to someone else. This will leave me with a single partially full rack of crappy little dell servers and a single small IBM system to work on. Let’s try to put this in perspective.

Past jobs.

IBM: One of the first P690 SMP computers ever at a customer location. Iceflyer, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center.

IBM: Largest IBM cluster ever scratch built at a customer location, also first 100+ node IBM ever connected via Federation switch. (beat SDSC by a couple of days).  Largest IBM p655 cluster in the world at build time. Iceberg, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center. $10,000,000 project.

IBM: 9th fastest computer in the world. 44 Frames of IBM power4. Kraken, Naval Oceanographic Office. $50,000,000 project.

IBM: Kept 44 Frame IBM Power4 system up and running through the eye of Katrina. Kept 30 Frame Power4 Marcellus up and running through  the eye of Katrina.

Cray: Largest Cray computer in Europe, 60 Frames. 2nd fastest computer in all of Europe. HECToR, University of Edinburgh.  $250,000,000 project.

Current job.

Single rack of Dell’s and a baby IBM.  Oh be still my fluttering heart.  The only thing saving me from jumping off the bridge of excitement is it pays the bills. Actually pays better than most of my past jobs. Go figure.

I guess it’s a matter of perspective. If I didn’t have the past I do, I could get excited about this. As it stands, well, not so much. Patience. There will be more toys in the future. Just need patience.  This too shall pass.

The big question. Can I build this system complete, including hardware, high speed networks, software, and security hardening in under a week and then sleep for two months without anyone noticing? Hmmm.. Interesting theoretical question.