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Roberta and I were chatting tonight about having a weekend together, just the two of us. So I started researching Yosemite, which my office mate said was silly. I should look at taking Roberta to Lake Tahoe. Hmmm. That sounds like fun. About 2 minutes of research later I’m thinking, awesome idea. It’s roughly 300 miles away, we could drive up on a Friday and stay the weekend playing in the snow. It would be a lot of fun.

After getting home and chatting about it for a bit a very good friend we haven’t seen since Katrina gave a call. Drew and Sam just happen to live near the DC area.  They moved there after their house in Waveland Mississippi was flattened by Katrina and we moved to Monterey, CA. Opposite coasts.  Drew said that anytime we wanted we were welcome to crash at their place. (be careful of what you offer my friend.)

I again did a bit of research. $250 round trip from San Jose to Washington DC on the 3rd of December and returning the 6th. Same price for the 10 to the 13th.  Flight time 7 hours each way. About the same amount of time it would take to drive to Tahoe during the winter. The lighting of the National Christmas Tree is on the 3rd of December.

Roberta has never been to Washington DC. I think I have just found the perfect Christmas gift. I even used the magical words. “Roberta, what do you think about XXXX?” These were the words spoken before our Alaska adventures, Mississippi, Scotland, and her Jeep. These magical words make it very likely to happen.  We use these words with care now.

Now, I just need to find a babysitter for 3 days, (who wants an all expenses paid weekend in Monterey?),  scrounge up the $500 for tickets, and get it done! We won’t be able to take the girls on this trip unfortunately, but I want to let Roberta see our National Capital in all it’s holiday finery.

If you can’t do something on the spur of the moment, then you aren’t living life! I don’t know if I can make this happen, but I do know I am going to try like heck!

Fingers crossed.

Here’s one of many options.

Thu Dec 3 2009 to Sun Dec 6 2009 (Trip length: 3 days)
Price Airports Airline Takeoff Landing Stops
United 7:19a
1 (6h 26m)
1 (8h 53m)
Here is a flight from San Jose, CA - San Jose (SJC) to Washington, DC - Dulles Intl (IAD)

1. $240 - United
   United 144 - SJC Thu Dec 3 7:19 AM to IAD Thu Dec 3 4:45 PM
   United 517 - IAD Sun Dec 6 2:41 PM to SJC Sun Dec 6 8:34 PM

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