On Saturday Roberta, Molly and I took a trip up to Santa Cruz to check out the Annual Sea Glass get together.

We stopped at a BBQ place in Castroville called the Central Texas BBQ. I definitely recommend trying it out. Saw dust floors, hand rubbed BBQ. Good time. We had no idea the place was even there or we would have been making the drive up a bunch. Definitely enjoyed lunch. It reminded me of a place Gary Smith, Hank Kuehn and I ate at in Austin during Supercomputing 08.

The sea glass get together was at the Seymour Marine Center where they have a full Blue Whale skeleton. The thing is bloody huge! The picture with Molly in front of it just doesn’t do it justice.

From Monterey Living

After spending a few hours checking things out we headed back home, stopping at 7-Eleven for some drinks. I had no idea that 7-Eleven now has sugar free slurpee’s! Yaaaaa!!!!! I had my first slurpee in over ten years yesterday. Roberta thought it tasted gross, I loved it. Wild Strawberry, tasted more like mango orange, minor detail. It was awesome.

Yesterday was a pretty good day.