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Rest in peace my friend. Hard to believe it’s been three years today.

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I have a choice. I can come unwound over watching Roberta’s cancer progress. Or I can try and distract myself. I’ve been watching lectures on Dante, reading about Climategate and laughing at the stupidity of smart people, and I’ve started reading the “U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change”  Here is a link to the 181 page Bureaucratic PDF.  If you have any ideas about the Copenhagen Convention and Treaty then you need to at least peruse this document. I hope it scares the hell out of you.

<start of rant>

It’s a great document on how to cripple the US economy. Punish the rich countries right? We’re all bad and evil because we’ve overcome the worst levels of poverty. Sure we have our homeless, unemployed, sick, etc. But we’re way beyond other parts of the world. This must mean we’ve done it by greedy and bad means. We’ve subjugated third world countries and now must pay for our evil ways.  At least reading between the lines of this document we do.

Think I’m lying? Read the document and make up your own mind. Stop reading this blog and read the pdf straight from the UN website. Using the guise of Global Warming induced CO2 as a means to “spread  the wealth” from the bad rich countries to the poor.

I particularly thought this was funny. (fyi- inter alia is latin for “among other things”)

50. [Nationally appropriate mitigation actions shall not include technologies that have adverse
impacts on the environment, including, inter alia, nuclear power and large-scale hydro-electric power.]

Basically what this says is that we have to come up with environmental friendly power, but aren’t allowed, among other things, to use Nuclear or Hydro. Both of which are some of the cleanest forms of energy possible, but require an industrialized nation to use. So, can’t use 2 of the 3 cleanest energies (I count Geothermal in this) because it’s easier for rich countries to use and hard for poor countries to set up. WTF?

Now don’t get me wrong. I am 100% for working with developing countries to build their energy needs. Darn straight help em build power plants that run clean. Give them the technology to build up their infrastructures. Hello. That only makes sense. But to say we’re not allowed to use hydro as a renewable energy? That’s a political farce. I think Nuclear is a great option, but there is still raging debate over that, so we’ll just include Hydro for now.

The more I read this document and parse through all of the bureaucratic crap the more I either want to scream in frustration or just shake my head at the stupidity of power hungry people.

Oh, and how is this “developement” going to be funded? Why by those CO2 emitting rich countries of course.

61. [Actions including NAMAs by developing countries [should][shall] be supported and enabled [by developed country Parties] [on the basis of [agreed] full [incremental] costs][on the basis of agreed
full incremental cost][on the basis of agreed full cost and agreed full incremental cost] and total cost as appropriate.]

Definition of NAMA: Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action

</end of rant>

Last week if you typed in climategate in google this web site was the 4th site on the first page. If you type the exact same search in today I have no idea how far down the list this site is. Why? Well here is the current search numbers.

“Results 1 – 10 of about 10,700,000 for climategate”

Over 10 Million hits for that phrase now. Jeez. It’s gone insane.

Today I took Molly, Nora, and Jacob to the Monterey Athletic Center to do some swimming. I usually sit on the bleachers and read or listen to my ipod while they swim. Well, today I did something a tad different.

I sat watching the kids swim and used my ipod to watch a Yale professor give a lection on Dante’s Vita Nuova.  While listening to the lecture on my Ipod I decided to check out the poem myself. So I paused the lecture and grabbed my crackberry to hit wikipedia for the section on Danta and then checked out a translated version of the poem “A New Life”  by A. S Kline.

Now, I could have listened to just the audio of the lecture the but the professor has a strong accent that was difficult to understand with all the other noises at the athletic center. So I watched a video instead so I could catch more visual clues and understand a bit better.

It’s amazing what you can do these days. I’ve watched an MIT professor teach physics, I’ve watched a Cornell professor teach musical theory, and now I’m watching a Yale professor teach about Dante, a 13th Century Poet. All this while sitting at the swimming pool. Watch a lecture, research reference material, and drink a soda. It’s an amazing time we live in.

Dante AlighieriDante

If you have a multi million dollar computer broken, I’m your guy. If the bloody sink springs a leak on Thanksgiving, well, let’s just say it’s not gonna be pretty. Turns out the faucet was so old the nut on the bottom had seized onto the threads. grrrr..

Picture the ending scenes of the Godfather where Al Capone is standing at the top of the stairs yelling “You wanna piece of me?!?! Well say hello to my little friend!”

From Monterey Living

Ironically it turns out, after sawing half way through the top of the faucet, it wouldn’t have helped. During the process I, uhm, kind of removed the upper section, and the way the bloody thing is built it wouldn’t have dropped down like I thought. So, back to laying on my back, saying pleasant words to the angry gods of plumbing, and finally, we ended up with.

From Monterey Living

So, nya nya nya. Now I’m gonna go put some band aids on my knuckles.

This year Roberta was teaching me how to cook Thanksgiving. So, here is my first Turkey.

From Monterey Living

Not too bad a looking bird. I had some help getting it ready. Nora doing a little prep work.

From Monterey Living

Now this is a pretty bird.

From Monterey Living

The boss of the kitchen supervising my work. (-:

From Family

Here’s Megan doing her Ninja Dance of Happiness. “I’m not gonna be poisoned, I’m not gonna be poisoned.”

From Family


Around here in Pacific Grove there are these semi domesticated deer all over the place. It’s not uncommon for me to see 6-10 of them on the short drive up to the grocery store.  These aren’t the monster deer from Alaska, no, these are tiny things. Not very large at all.

A little over a month ago one of our neighbors let us know that something had killed and partially eaten one of the deer just up the road at the entrance to the walking trail. There are warning signs about cougars down at the lighthouse. But to have  a cougar in town? Even though I know logically that it happened only a couple of years ago, it just seems too surreal to be true.  I’m thinking maybe a sick deer got killed by a dog or something.

Well, it’s happened again. Up the road in Washington park another deer was killed and partially eaten. That’s a whopping 5 blocks away instead of 2. We’ve warned the girls to stick together if they wander over to the bike trail. Just a precaution. But it truly does look like we have another cougar roaming around locally again. 2 deer killed and munched on in just over a month, and both less than 5 blocks from our house.

On my white board at work I’ve placed the following “New C&A Date = sqrt -1” in reference to the start of our security scans constantly changing. It started in October and has moved through November, December, back to November, January, February, etc etc. Very frustrating. So I thought the formula for an imaginary number was pretty fitting.

The danger of using a mathematical formula on my white board is that I work with a bunch of egg heads. I should have learned this lesson when I worked at the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center. But, I’m a slow learner it seems.

Anyhow, last night my formula was changed from
New C&A Date = “sqrt -1”
New C&A Date = “a+bi (because it’s complex)”


Roberta, Molly, Nora and I went down to the beach today. While they looked for sea glass I sat on the rocks and listened to the ocean. Well, tried to. It was an overcast afternoon and the tide was fairly high, so the waves were crashing up on the rocks right at my feet.

I discovered something interesting. I was sitting there watching the waves and listening to the surf crash on the rocks and trying to just be relaxed when I realized I had a tune running through my head. Then, instead of just watching the waves I was trying to determine the colors. Was the water in the wave more of a granite color with blue, or more of a slate grey kind of color with a tad of blue. Not really aqua today. it’s also a lot lighter in certain portions of the wave as opposed to the trough. I wonder what the visibility is from under the water. Was the sound of the waves in stereo. What would be the best way to record this sound. It’s more of a white noise that rises and falls with the waves hitting the rocks. Does white noise echo? Would two microphones give you better reproduction than just one?

Blah blah blah. It was physically impossible to clear my mind and just listen and watch. The noise inside my head just doesn’t stop. I have no idea how the monks managed. That whole Zen thing completely escapes me sadly.

I finally gave up and when we got home I decided to reorganized our Keurig Coffee’s into a more meaningful systematic layout. 2 of each tea, at least 2 of each type of coffee that I haven’t tried yet, and the rest of the slots for Hot Cocoa for the girls. Starting with the coffee’s on the top row, flavored coffees and decaf’s on the second and teas and cocoa on the bottom row.

It’s just one of those days.

Walter across the street has decided to sell his house. So, who wants to be our neighbor? It’s a cute 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath home with an attached Garage. He’s done a lot of work to it and it’s in really nice shape. I’d guess it’s around 1600 square feet or so.

So, someone whip out the checkbook and come live near us. Oh, ya. The price. It’s a tad high, but not too high. $1.275 Million. Yep. Better have a big check. And you wonder why we rent. (-:

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