On this journey of Pancreatic cancer there will be a hiccup or two. One of the things I’ve been learning to do is cook. Since we know Roberta’s time with us is finite, I need to learn to cook for 3 growing girls and myself. After 17 years of marriage it’s time to go from dishwasher to chef.

Along the way there will be mistakes.

In this family we’ve gotten used to certain things. Things like salads for snacks. Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, romain lettuce, shaved parmesian cheese, crutons, and the occassional chicken or backon bits. Well, I’ve started making the ranch dressing. Simple right? Ya, normally.

Last night I used up our quart container of Ranch so made more. This was around 10 pm. This morning I hear Roberta holler out “Why is the Ranch Green?!??” Oops. Seems I used the Gallon mix instead of the quart mix. Easy mistake. Come on!  Just cause it was about 4 times stronger than normal and green. It’s a simple mistake. And yes, I noticed it was a touch stronger and the package was a tad different. It said Hidden Valley Ranch on the package, how could I go wrong with that?

Don’t let me steer you wrong though. I’ll be hearing about this for a while.