While over in Scotland I used to hang out at the Dean Tavern on Thursday nights and listen/play music with the Nitten Folk Club. Of all the characters and wonderful people there, one of the top was Lesley Hale. She was was a lot of fun and a central part of the club. She was a singer and guitar player.

Just before we left to come back to the States she was diagnosed with abdominal cancer. Sadly, I just received word through the Nitten that she passed away on Thursday.

This is a sad loss to the Scottish Folk scene. She was such a fun and wonderful person. Playing backup to a lot of the singers, duets with Big Jim, co-writing songs with John, teaching guitar to George. She was involved in so much when I was there. She will be sorely missed.

After we left Lesley sent me a cd with some of her music. Here’s Lesley one more time.

Getting Through the Days