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One of the big issues in the Climate blog world is the way in which temperature proxies are used to guess/analyse past temperature. This is really an issue, but unless you dig into things you might never know.

One of the blogs I read on occasion had a great description of one of these issues. Using Multi Variate Regression to estimate past temperatures.

Go check out The Climate Skeptic article for a fairly easy to understand explanation. Follow the logic of the argument, and then give it a think. You might end up shaking your head and thinking “what the heck??”.

On this journey of Pancreatic cancer there will be a hiccup or two. One of the things I’ve been learning to do is cook. Since we know Roberta’s time with us is finite, I need to learn to cook for 3 growing girls and myself. After 17 years of marriage it’s time to go from dishwasher to chef.

Along the way there will be mistakes.

In this family we’ve gotten used to certain things. Things like salads for snacks. Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, romain lettuce, shaved parmesian cheese, crutons, and the occassional chicken or backon bits. Well, I’ve started making the ranch dressing. Simple right? Ya, normally.

Last night I used up our quart container of Ranch so made more. This was around 10 pm. This morning I hear Roberta holler out “Why is the Ranch Green?!??” Oops. Seems I used the Gallon mix instead of the quart mix. Easy mistake. Come on!  Just cause it was about 4 times stronger than normal and green. It’s a simple mistake. And yes, I noticed it was a touch stronger and the package was a tad different. It said Hidden Valley Ranch on the package, how could I go wrong with that?

Don’t let me steer you wrong though. I’ll be hearing about this for a while.

As most who know me already know, I’m not a believer in “we’re all going to die” alarmist global warming. That doesn’t mean I don’t think the Earth is warming, it also doesn’t mean we don’t need to keep things clean and picked up. Come on, we live on this planet, polluting it isn’t very smart. But does less than a single degree of warming really constitute the end of the world as we know it?  Ya ya, I know. The IPCC “models” predict 6 degrees of warming in the next 100 years. Sorry, gotta call bullshit on that one.  I’ll explain another time.

Anyhow, I was chatting with a buddy the other day and when he asked what I was doing I told him I was doing some reading on Climate Change. He wanted to know why. Why read about something I already have an opinion on? That kind of floored me. How else can someone have an opinion if they don’t know anything about it. Ya, I know, ignorance isn’t an exclusion for opinion. However, I like to think I’ve at least tried to see both sides before getting on my soap box.

So, if I’m doing research on this subject, and I have no idea of what to believe and what not to believe half the time. Well, I think I’ll write a bit about the subject and why I think it can be so complicated and not such a cut and dried thing.

So, why the title “Climate Change Confusion”? Well, because unlike some ignorant people on both sides of the fence, there is a lot we don’t understand about our climate.

So, in this post I will chat about something as simple as sea level. What’s the sea level change been over the last 100 years? (Lately we have some pretty accurate measuring devices, but only lately).  Not a simple question to answer. It may sound simple, just go measure the sea level over a period of time, average it out, do it again the next day, etc etc. Unfortunately it’s quite a bit more complicated than that.

Did you know the sea level in southern England is rising? But did you also know that on the northern half it’s falling. What? How can that be? Well, the southern half of the island is settling a bit while the northern half is actually rebounding still from the last glaciation period. All the weight of the ice pushed the land down and now it’s bouncing back up. So, to all appearances the sea level is dropping. This type of thing is happening all over the globe.

So, even taking something as simple as sea level, once you start digging deeper into the how it’s done, suddenly it’s not a simple answer anymore. Now, try to figure out the average sea level rise for the planet, when the rise can be smaller than the margin of error. It’s not an easy thing to do accurately. Even though some would like you to think it is.

A perfect example of bull is the the publicized farce down in the Maldives. “We’re all gonna drown!!! It’s because of Global Warming! We need to punish the rich nations for our loss! It’s ALL their fault because of Carbon Dioxide!” Well, it’s not because of a fraction of a percent change in CO2 ya fools, it’s because the sea has been rising since the last ice age. Oh, and it’s also happening a few millimeters at a time. Unless of course it’s you stupid Islands that are SINKING and not the ocean that’s rising. Minor detail.

If you want to read more about sea level rise do some research. Don’t believe the talking heads on TV. Or the ones that scream “We’re all headed for disaster” when they refuse to make their raw data or methods for how they came up with such ridiculous claims open to public scrutiny. If a government sponsored scientist refuses to make his/her data and methods open for public view, there is a reason. Here are a couple of links for further reading, but don’t trust me to be not to try and sway you, research it yourself. And the more places you check the better.  Here are a couple of places you can start.

Now, most people I wouldn’t take their word on this subject. I’m not the most trusting sort. But, with every rule there is an exception. If my friend Dr. Kate Hedstrom tells me I’m full of it for thinking this is more complicated than I’m making it out to be, well, I’ll take her word for it. Why? Because frankly, I know when someone outsmarts the crap out of me, and also knows what they are talking about. So, Kate, if you ever read this, tell me what you think.  And for anyone else who just wants to feel dumb for a bit, look her up. She’s an Oceanographer/Scientist up at the University of Alaska’s Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, and a heck of a knitter also.

FYI. Current estimated global sea level rise is somewhere between 1 and 3 mm a year.

I picked up some pumpkins on the way home from work and we did the annual gutting of the pumpkins.

From Blogger Pictures
From Blogger Pictures

Everyone had a good time, except maybe the cat. He seemed a tad upset over the whole chicken head costume. Hmmmm… Maybe the term “extremely pissed” would be more fitting.

From Blogger Pictures

Megan made her own pumpkin, and like many a teenager got a bit distracted during the process and ended up with her own special pumpkin dude.

From Blogger Pictures

Molly and Roberta used a stencil and ended up with a pretty cool cat.

From Blogger Pictures

Nora did her own thing and ended up with a pretty cool pumpkin head.

From Blogger Pictures

Next up,  All Hallows Eve. And CANDY!!!!


This guy just won’t give up. He’s written another “the human race is evil” book.

Al Gore's new book

A few things to note.

No Baja California, it’s under water.

Nice big Typhoon in the Pacific.

No Ice in the Arctic.

America is a wasteland desert.

I’m at a loss for words.

If you are reading this then you have successfully been pointed to the new home of mytravelingfamily. Congrats.

Updates, new articles, pictures of the kids, etc to be coming shortly.

And the Gopher Flu of 2009 strikes the household. It started with Megan complaining of a sore throat and two days later everyone has it. Aches, pains, stuffy noses, headaches, tired, blah blah. Oh the fun, the joy.

Is it the Gopher Flu Pandemic this year? Or Bird flu, no wait, this year we’re supposed to panic about the swine flu. Dang, gofer flu must be next years.

Roberta’s birthday was this weekend. So we all went out to lunch at the “Forge in the Forest” in Carmel by the sea. Marnie our dear friend flew down to spend a few days sharing our craziness. So her and I went out and found the most perfect birthday cake. Prepare yourself!

From Blogger Pictures

Isn’t that the most perfect 37th Birthday cake ever?!?! Yes, it’s a green turtle cake. And to add to the fun instead of the normal 37 candles, or even the two 3 7 candles we went with the “feliz cumpleanos” Happy Birthday in Spanish. We are living in California after all.

Roberta couldn’t help it, she smiled! It was contagious.

From Blogger Pictures

Then to the horror of all, we set fire to the poor fella!

From Blogger Pictures

Now for the birthday quiz. Let’s see who’s who in the land of Turtle knowledge.

We decided to grab the girls and head for San Francisco on Friday. Drove up through Santa Cruz, through Half Moon Bay, and then on into San Fran. It was a good time. The girls rode on the Famous Cable Car system for the first times in their lives. It was hoot.

“Seems the wordpress site doesn’t allow the flash plugin. Interesting”

I’m trying different layouts for inserting pictures. This one is a slide show. If anyone can’t see it let me know and I’ll do something different like this link to the web album.

San Francisco

In the fight against Pancreatic Cancer there will be good news and bad.

Good news:

Last CAT scan shows no visible changes in Pancreas

weight loss ❤ pounds this month

Bad news:

A1c 7.9  (Mine 7.2 as a type 1 diabetic)

3 cm tumor on kidney (Update: This isn’t new just larger.)

1 cm tumor on kidney (Update: This isn’t new just larger.)

4 lymph nodes (same)

quarter sized tumor/spot on liver (new)

unknown grey spot on bottom of left lung (new)

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