Well, my good friend Guy Robinson is raising hell again. 🙂

Guy is currently working for IBM in Ireland and is the person that gave us the heads up on the job I took in Scotland. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have known about it. So, we’re very grateful that he gave us the heads up. Even though it fell apart in the end it was one of the grandest adventures of our life.

Well, he just (semi) jokingly sent me a link about a job in New Zealand. Wellington to be precise. It’s for the new 34 Teraflop IBM that the “National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research”, NIWA,  purchased. It seems that they need some HPC people to make it run. Job Detail. Roberta and I always joked that we’d love to go there some day.

So, I told  Roberta about the job in New Zealand, half jokingly, and she, half jokingly, threatened to castrate me. So, I don’t think we’ll be going there any time soon. Maybe for a vacation.

This weekend Molly made the comment, “We want to go back to Scotland.” When I told them I didn’t have a job opportunity in Scotland but there might be one in New Zealand they wanted to know all about it. They found it really funny that if you take and zoom in on Scotland with Google Earth and then spin the globe along the poles you fly over the South Pole and there on the opposite side of the world is New Zealand. Not quite the exact opposite, but so close as to not matter.

Ahh, Guy, you are nothin but trouble. 🙂