My good friend Marnie is starting to blog. I can’t wait to see what she has to say. I love reading the blogs of my friends. It gives a feeling of connection. Even from a distance. The hardest part of blogging is that it’s a cross between saying what you want in your own head and also saying what you want to total strangers. The danger comes when you say what’s in your head, but it’s not something you want people you know to know.

I found this out with a blog post about my frustrations at work. It felt so good to let off some steam and ask the question “what are they thinking??”. Unfortunately it seems my boss at the time was reading my blogs on occasion. Woops. Nothing bad, mind you, but it can be taken in the wrong light and held against you. Which this was.

I have on more than one occassion written something in the middle of the night and then deleted it the next morning when the cold reality of the day showed that maybe, in all truth, I shouldn’t really write what I feel. That maybe telling the world about my emotional hell/happiness might not be such a good idea.

There is a fine line that can easily be crossed between writing what’s interesting and writing what can be a bit too personal. Especially in times of great stress. Hmmm. Kind of like right now.

On the flip side of that, putting down in words things that are on the edge of driving you insane can get you through another day. Things that keep you up till 1:45am (the current time) can sometimes be calmed by writing about them. There is a level of anonymity that blogging can give. The feeling that you’re not writing something for someone else to read, but writing something down so that it’s no longer bouncing around in your head. That can be both the danger and release.

This web page began as a gallery of pictures of our adventures around the world and has slowly migrated over time to a blog with pictures. I’m not really sure it that’s a good or bad thing. I guess only time can tell.