There are times when what I do is pretty cool. Other times it’s a pain in the tail.

Today I had a visitor over from the Naval Postgraduate School and during the show and tell I was giving he mentioned another show and tell up at Stanford that I might be interested in. It seems that they are doing a project up there similar to what I am doing down here. Basically taking 10+ Terabytes of data down linked from Satellite a day and placing it on disk, and then subsequently onto tape for longer term storage.

They are grabbing data from the SOHO satellite and other astronomical systems while I’ll be grabbing scientific data off of the NPOESS satellites.

I love these views of the sun.

It’ll be a real kick to go up there to Stanford and chat with these guys. I’ll tag the guy in charge next week and see if I can’t get a meeting set up. Should be fun.