I received a text message tonight, 4 hours after it was sent. Welcome to Pacific Grove. Anyhow, it was a simple question. “How did it go with the twins?”

We only spoke with Molly tonight, due to the fact that she overheard us last night. We talk with Nora tomorrow night. Molly didn’t want to talk about it until after everyone else went to bed. Then, there she was in our doorway crying.

How did it go? It was the most emotionally painful thing I have ever experienced. I watched my 10 year old daughter sob in pain, trying to come to grips with the eminent death of her mother. And I couldn’t do anything other than tell her that we will get through this. It’s going to be the most painful experience of her life, but we will get through it. Her sisters and I will be there with her. While her mom sat there and cried, trying to tell her it would be okay.

This is really hard.

We don’t know when it will happen. We don’t know if it will be months, or hopefully years, but it’s going to happen. And faster than we will want, or be ready for. We want so much to protect our girls from this, but can’t. We have to be as honest as we can. We want them to come to grips with this and spend as much time with Roberta as they can. Now that we know this is what it is, we have to let them know. It’s what we have to do.

We will have to do this again tomorrow when we tell Nora. The one thing Molly asked was that she be allowed to go over to Nana and Pappa’s when we tell Nora. She doesn’t want to be here to see Nora crying.

This really sucks.