This morning we got a late start because I slept through my alarm. I don’t even remember it going off actually. Anyhow, I got Molly and Nora to school on time, barely, but Megan ended up 45 minutes late.

Because Megan was late due to my sleeping through the alarm she now has an hours detention. If on the other hand I had lied and said she was late due to  a headache/cold/flu, etc she wouldn’t have gotten detention. So, guess what will happen the next time?

It’s a stupid policy and I would have raised a stink if I didn’t have so much else going on right now.

So, lesson learned. Pacific Grove High School, you pencil pushing, check box minded, idiots. I will flat out lie to you from now on. Congratulations. You’re teaching our children a great lesson. It is better to lie and not be punished than to tell the truth and be punished.