Well, the old adage “You don’t have time to do it right the first time but you have time to do it again” fits my work on the bug. Darn it!

Seems the primer I was using was crap. I have rust starting to show through in most areas that I’ve sanded down and primed. I found an auto body supply shop and picked up 3 cans of Etching Primer and now I get to start over. grrrrr…

So far this weekend I have removed both back fenders, sanded, cleaned up, and reprimed. Along with the rear quarter panels.

Working on the bug

Working on the bug

On Saturday I pulled the hood and front left fender. Nora gave me a hand with the hood while I took the fender off the car.

Nora helping sand the bug

Nora helping sand the bug

It’s a good thing I’m taking things apart and fixing. I found quite a bit of rust under the front fender.


I ended up sanding it all down to metal and then coating it with POR-15, Paint Over Rust. It’s a paint/chemical that inhibits rust. It’s what I used on the interior of the bug. And at $47 a quart it better work. (-:

Anyhow, after cleaning, painting with POR, priming, and then putting back together, Nora and I only finished the one fender and the hood. So, in the next few days we’ll tackle the other fender and finally get to the roof, again.

Fun fun. I don’t plan on this being a show car, just reliable and cleaned up, properly.

Still working on an obnoxious color.