I was futzing around on youtube last night watching different violinists play when I decided to check out the Perlman Music Program. Which is an awesome program. Anyhow while I was perusing that I ran across Perlman’s concert calendar. I didn’t even realize he was going on concert.

Turns out he will be playing up in San Francisco at the Davies Concert Hall. Itzhak Perlman plays Bach.

I caught Yoyo Ma at the Beneroyal Hall once. Flew down from Fairbanks Alaska to Seattle Washington for a class the same week he was playing there on the Silk Road Tour. It took more than a dozen phone calls to get a ticket. It was sold out until they ended up adding chairs behind the performers on the stage. So, sis and I sat 10 ft behind Yoyo and watched him play.

Now I get to see another great. Itzahk. I’ll be buying my tickets on payday. $150 for tickets so Roberta and I can road trip up and have a great night with the San Francisco Symphony.

Now, I just need to watch for Hilary Hahn, and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg.